Diamonds Diamonds


Diamonds are among nature's most precious and beautiful creations.

Formed under high temperature and pressure conditions that only exist over 100 miles below the earth's surface, diamonds are the hardest and one of the most precious materials on earth.

Made primarily of one single element - Carbon, the remain 0.05% of trace elements found in a diamond are what contribute to the various colours and crystal shapes found at source.

One of the most popular gifts given to celebrate those important moments in our lives, diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love, thought to bring courage and strength to the wearer. Once believe to be formed from the tears of the Gods, today they are recognised as the April birthstone and mark both 60th and 75th anniversaries.

The journey from mine to market can be a treacherous one, but finding the perfect diamond gift couldn't be simpler with our Diamond Buying Guide.

Discover the perfect diamond gifts available in-store and online.

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