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  • Last Day For Christmas Delivery Thurs 20th December!

Last Day For Christmas Delivery Thurs 20th December!

Valuations at W.Bruford

We offer valuation services for Insurance, Probate and Resale purposes. We offer valuation services for Insurance, Probate and Resale purposes.
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Valuations at W.Bruford

At W.Bruford, our team of in-house experts can provide valuation services for insurance, sale and probate purposes. Whether you have purchased an item from us that you would like to add to your existing policy, you are looking to update your existing valuations, or you are wanting to sell your items on, at W.Bruford


Our valuations for insurance purposes are completed in house by a local valuer who is member of the National Associations of Jewellers Institute of Registered Valuers. Each individual valuation includes:
- Cleaning of all the items
- Colour photography of each individual item
- Two typed copies of all paperwork (one for yourself and one for your insurance company)
    New Valuation
    £20 + 1% of the overall value*
    Up to 14 days
    Re-Valuation (If original valuation was done by W.Bruford)
    £20 + 0.5% of the overall value** Up to 14 days
    * Valuations on items over £1000 purchased from W.Bruford, will be offered a valuation free of charge at the time of purchase.
    ** Please note, original documentation must be produced from within the last 10 years. 
    Lost/stolen letter for insurance replacement will be charge at £50.


    Our valuations for probate purposes are completed in house by Cherie, our Jewellery Department Manager.
    £25 + 3% of the overall value
    7-10 days

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