The September Birthstone: Sapphire

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The September Birthstone: Sapphire

Commonly known as a blue gemstone, many are unaware that sapphires in fact come in a wider spectrum of colours, known as fancy sapphires, however this excludes the colour red.

Formed from the mineral corundum trace elements of iron and titanium are what give sapphires their blue colouration. Sapphires with an intense, vivid blue hue have a high amount of these trace elements and are preferred by most consumers.

This is the same mineral Rubies are formed from, which is why you will never see a red Sapphire.

With the discovery of further mines in Madagascar, Tanzania, Myanmar, and Australia, fancy Sapphires recognition with designers and consumers grew which supplemented production of stones from traditional sources including Sri Lanka which is famous for its beloved Padparadscha Sapphires.

The pinkish-orange Padparadscha Sapphire’s name is derived from the Sinhalese work which means “lotus flower” which is the common language of most Sri Lankan people.

In the middle ages it was believes that Sapphires would protect the wearer and those close to them from harm and attract heavenly blessings. It represented loyalty, trust and heaven. These were beliefs were prevalent in the Middle Ages where royalty and clergy members decorated their robes with the gem stone. A tradition which has continued for centuries.

Today Sapphires are known as the September birthstone and the stone symbolises the milestone of 45 years of marriage.

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