TAG Heuer Introduces An All-New Version Of Its Carrera Date Timepiece

TAG Heuer Introduces An All-New Version Of Its Carrera Date Timepiece TAG Heuer Introduces An All-New Version Of Its Carrera Date Timepiece

TAG Heuer Introduces An All-New Version Of Its Carrera Date Timepiece

In the 60th anniversary year of its evergreen, racing-inspired sports watch, TAG Heuer introduces an all-new version of the Carrera Date 36mm.

With the Swiss avant-garde brand's designers and engineers refining the model's silhouette, giving it a sporty, ergonomic new profile, the new lines retain the racing inspired codes that define one of watchmaking's design icons.

TAG Heuer Carrera enthusiasts will also recognise that the 36mm version of the iconic design carry a special significance - the first Heuer Carrera of 1963 also measured 36mm in diameter. Over six decades, tastes have evolved and average case sizes have increased, but the 36mm remains an immensely popular size with both men and women.

A Watch Born Of Genius

The first 36mm Heuer Carrera chronograph was the invention of the legendary Jack Heuer (the last member of the founding family to serve as head of the company), and his formal education as an electrical engineer taught Jack about the value of a clear instrument dial.

Also a motorsports fan, Jack understood how important it was for a racing driver to have a legible dashboard instrument that could be read at the blink of an eye, and these influences became central to his watch design philosophy - and in particular to the Heuer Carrera, which he would later describe to be one of his proudest designs.

Jack took his watch's name from the Carrera Panamericana, a fast and furiously dangerous 1950s Mexican road racing, reasoning it would appeal to young and ambitious watch buyers. Carrera meant "race", "career", and "path" - words he felt would translate well across cultures. As history shows, he was right. 

Six decades on, the TAG Heuer Carrera is an icon, known as a stylish, eternally modern, superbly engineered wristwatch for forward-thinking people.

Sixty years may have passed, but Jack's genius lives on.

Shades Of Glory

The refreshed TAG Heuer Carrera Date comes with a vibrant new dial colour palette. Available in deep TAG Heuer Carrera signature blue, subtle pastel green, warm silver and vibrant pink, these bold executions capture the modern tastes for maverick dial colours that break free from the tradition of black and white dials.

All four models showcase 36mm stainless steel cases and matching metal bracelets with classic folding clasps, while a liberal application of Super-Luminova® delivers low-light legibility. Each has a raised track running around the outside of the dial, detailed with quarter-of-a-second markings to symbolise acceleration, only made more casual and elegant with a tone-on-tone finish that complements the dials.

Tighter, Slimmer, Better

In their quest for wearbility, TAG Heuer's designers and engineers have rethought the proportions of the TAG Heuer Carrera Date while maintaining its case diameter. 

From above, the measurement from the tips of the top and bottom lugs has been reduced from 43.55mm to 41.6mm. The case is also 2mm thinner than the outgoing edition, now measuring 10mm. Whilst these might appear to be marginal refinements, they have a significant impact on both the watch's visual profile and how it wears on the wrist, making it feel taut, athletic, and well balanced.

The crown has also been redesigned so that it sits squarer to the case edge, as has the brushed and polished three-link brsvelet, which now tapers more gently into the round case.

Together, these refinements give the TAG Heuer Carrera Date its luxurious, ergonomic feel.

Power In Reserve

Less visible to the maked eye is the TAG Heuer Carrera Date's mechanical upgrade. Previous editions were powered by the TAG Heuer Calibre 5 Automatic, which had a 38-hour power reserve. However, the new models are all equipped with the Calibre 7 Automatic, which has a superior 56-hour power reserve. This enhanced movement also provides the watch with a date window at 6 o'clock.

A Modern-Day Classic

Despite extensive revisions and upgrades, the TAG Heuer Carrera Date remains rooted in the design's racing traditions. The TAG Heuer Carrera has always been a paramount example of original desin and Swiss refinement. Now, its hugely popular 36mm version has a slender, sculptured new profile that, like Jack's 1963 original, means it will live long in the memory.

At Brufords we are proud to be an Official TAG Heuer Retailer. Visit us online or at our showroom situated in The Beacon, Eastbourne where our team of experts are on-hand to help you choose a watch perfect for you.

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