Stack Your Summer With ChloBo Jewellery

Stack Your Summer With ChloBo Jewellery Stack Your Summer With ChloBo Jewellery
article side img Our full range of ChloBo jewellery can be found online and at our Arndale Centre, Eastbourne store.

Stack Your Summer With ChloBo Jewellery

With summer officially in full swing, now is the perfect time to update your jewellery collection and create your own individual stack that shows both your personality and your summer style.

Featuring a gorgeous collection of bracelets, rings and necklaces in a mix of metals and finishes, ChloBo offers a unique range of jewellery that is eye-catching, versatile and affordable. Whether you want to start small with a couple of complimenting bracelets or layer several items in contrasting colours and designs to create a boho-inspired look, ChloBo has something to suit every style.


 To create the perfect ChloBo look, simply follow the steps below and get stacking.

  1. Pick Your Charms: With over 20 different charms to choose from, add fun or philosophy to your collection to make your stack as unique as you are.
  2. Choose Your Stones: Lift your stack and add either freshwater pearl, white or peach moonstone beads to add an elegant splash of colour to your collection.
  3. Mix Your Metals: Hugely on-trend for the summer 2018 season, there is nothing better than the sun bouncing off a silver and rose stack.
  4. Play With Texture: Mix your Iconics and Cuties with seasonal collections for bold boho glamour.

ChloBo jewellery is a much loved brand with the W.Bruford team and can be found Online and at our Arndale Centre, Eastbourne store.

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