Jewellery Repairs & Restorations

Jewellery Repairs & Restorations Jewellery Repairs & Restorations

Jewellery Repairs & Restorations

At Brufords in Eastbourne our comprehensive selection of jewellery repairs and restoration includes ring resizing, bracelet and chain alterations, pearl restringing, rhodium plating, diamond and gemstone replacement and valuations.

So when your much loved jewellery requires a little extra TLC, visit us in-store to discover how can help restore your items to their former glory.

Ring Resizing

When you wear your much loved rings, it’s important that they fit correctly. Too small and they will be uncomfortable, and too big and they could become lost or damaged when carrying out everyday activities.

Depending on whether your ring needs to decrease or increase in size, the jewellers at our local workshops will remove a small piece of the band or add in metal, and expertly join the two pieces back together. The ring will then be cleaned and carefully polished, to ensure no visible marks are left on the band.

It’s also important to note that there are limits as to how far a ring can be resized (either up and down) so we recommend that you contact our jewellery repair experts to discuss your requirements.

Bracelet & Chain Alterations

Whether it’s resizing a bracelet or shortening a chain, we offer a selection of bracelet and chain alterations to ensure your jewellery fits perfectly and comfortably.

With the process involving either the removal or addition of links to achieve the desired length, the jewellers at our local workshop may also be able to custom make a link to perfectly match the existing design*. This delicate task requires precision and expertise to ensure the integrity of the piece is maintained. Once the alteration is complete, the item is polished to blend the new links seamlessly with the old.

*Please note, an estimate will be required for this service and is not always possible.

Pearl Restringing

Pearl restringing is an essential part of maintaining pearl jewellery, particularly necklaces and bracelets. Over time, the silk or nylon thread holding the pearls together can weaken, stretch, or fray, increasing the risk of breakage. To prevent this, we recommend that you have your pearl jewellery restrung every few years, or more frequently if the piece is worn often.

The restringing process involves carefully removing the pearls from the old thread, cleaning the pearls, and then restringing them onto a new, stronger thread. Knots are also often tied between each pearl to prevent them from rubbing together and to keep them in place in case the string breaks.

At Brufords in Eastbourne, we work closely with a team of pearl experts who are highly-skilled and experienced in restringing both cultured and freshwater pearls.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is a precious metal which is often used in jewellery making for its brilliant white appearance and resistance to tarnish.

Rhodium plating, also known as rhodium dip or rhodium flashing, is a process that coats a fine layer of rhodium over metal jewellery, and is usually carried out to enhance the items appearance, to provide a surface that is resistant to scratches and tarnish, or during the production of white gold – as the base gold is yellow, and the rhodium plating therefore gives the item its white finish.

Despite its many benefits, rhodium plating is not permanent and over time can wear off, particularly in jewellery that is worn often such as rings and bracelets. When this happens, the jewellery will need to be re-rhodium plated to restore its original appearance.

The frequency of re-plating depends on various factors including the thickness of the original plating, the amount of wear and tear the piece experiences and the wearer’s body chemistry.

Diamond & Gemstone Replacement

Diamond and gemstone replacement is a common aspect of jewellery repairs which we see here at Brufords in Eastbourne, as over time, stones can become loose or fall out due to wear and tear or accidental damage.

As part of our jewellery restoration services, we are able to source a replacement stone that matches the size, cut, colour and quality of the original. The craftsman at our local workshop will then meticulously prepare the old setting to receive the new stone before carefully setting it in place. This delicate process requires a skilled hand and an eye for detail to ensure the replacement gemstone fits perfectly and securely. Once the stone is set, the piece is cleaned and polished to restore its original shine.

Cleaning & Polishing

Over time, jewellery can accumulate dirt, oils and tarnish which can dull its appearance. Therefore jewellery cleaning and polishing should be carried out regularly to maintain the shine and lustre of your precious pieces.

Cleaning involves using a gentle soap solution or specialised jewellery cleaner to remove any impurities, and the use of a soft brush allows intricate designs and hard to reach areas to be cleaned. After the cleaning process, some jewellery items also benefit from polishing to remove any light scratches and restore their shine.

However, it is vital to understand that some gemstones are sensitive to certain cleaning methods, so it is best to discuss with us how to care for your jewellery, before trying to clean items yourself at home.

    For more information on any of our jewellery repairs and restoration services, contact our dedicated team of aftersales specialists by email to

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