Celebrate Exam Success With A Gift From W.Bruford

Celebrate Exam Success With A Gift From W.Bruford Celebrate Exam Success With A Gift From W.Bruford
article side img Congratulations to Harry from our Arndale Centre store who has graduated this week with a 1st in his Pyschology degree.

Celebrate Exam Success With A Gift From W.Bruford

With thousands of students receiving their GCSE, A Level and Degree results over the next few weeks, now is the perfect time to treat someone special to a gift that will celebrate their success and serve as a reminder of their achievements for years to come.


Whether they're heading off to university or making their way into the world of work, why not treat your graduate to a stylish new watch which could be one of the first significant pieces that they ever own. A traditional option for a graduation gift, you could choose a classic style with timeless appeal from our collection of luxury timepieces from brands including Longines, TAG Heuer or Tissot or for the more fashion forward, why not choose a watch from one of our much loved designer brands including Michael Kors, Fossil or Hugo Boss.


Exam and Graduation Gifts For Her

With a stunning selection of gifts that will make her shine like a star, at W.Bruford we can help you celebrate her success in style. With elegant pieces of jewellery including diamond set solitaire pendants and earrings or a timeless row of pearls, our fine jewellery collection will ensure she looks her best not only on graduation day, but for the following years to come.

If jewellery isn't always her first choice of gift, why not spoil her with a chic and sophisticated pen from our Montblanc and Swarovski collections. 

Exam and Graduation Gifts For Him

He's worked hard to achieve his success and a luxurious pair of cufflinks or pen is the perfect gift to send him into the next stage of his career in style. At W.Bruford we hold a exquisite range of gents gifts from brands including Montblanc and Unique & Co. that will stay with him as he moves onto the next phase of his life and serve as a precious reminder of his acheivements.


Add A Personal Touch

To make your chosen piece of jewellery or watch even more special, why not add an engraving with a significant date or message. Simply contact us before making your purchase to discuss your requirements.

Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Make opening your gift even more memorable by having it beautifully wrapped in luxurious paper and W.Bruford branded ribbon. If you would like to add this to your order, please choose this option at checkout where it will be added free of charge.

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